1. Make sure your entranceway says “Hey, look at me!”
  2. Paint (or touch up) exterior, and repair screens and windows.
  3. Check A/C and heating systems.
  4. Fix leaky faucets, toilets, and faulty lights.
  5. Repair wall cracks, re-caulk bathrooms, and kitchen.
  6. Mow lawn, edge driveway, and walkways.
  7. Throw out junk from garage and storage areas.
  8. Prune dead limbs from trees.
  9. Clean your windows.
  10. Vacuum drapes and carpets.
  11. Clear out closets.
  12. Remove excess furniture.
  13. Ensure windows, doors, and locks work smoothly.
  14. Weed flower beds and trim shrubs.
  15. If you have a pool, make it crystal clear.
  16. Clean lawn furniture.
  17. Keep cats and dogs out of visitors’ way.

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